A sensitive and evocative theme with piano and harp underpinning a lovely solo violin. Building to a memorable string section and unsettling rhythm with drums and bass. A monster thirteen additional mixes offer pretty much any and all combinations. We decided against offering stems; we feel that these mixes provide a better choice for additional textures and moods. Perfect underscores include versions with piano and strings, solo strings, and piano and pads only.

Original Mix
307248CS 03:52
Alt Mix 1 Piano Nylon pad and Strings
307248CU 03:52
Alt Mix 2 Solo Piano
307248CV 03:52
Alt Mix 3 Piano and Nylon Pad
307248CW 03:52
Alt Mix 4 Piano and Strings 1
307248DM 03:52
Alt Mix 5 Piano and Strings 2
307248DN 03:52
Alt Mix 6 String section
307248DP 03:52
Alt Mix 7 Strings and Nylon Pad
307248DQ 03:52
Alt Mix 8 Piano Pads and Percussion
307248DR 03:52
Alt Mix 9 Piano and Pads
307248DT 03:52
Alt Mix 10 Strings Pads and percussion
307248DU 03:52
Alt Mix 11 Full Mix with string intro
307248DV 03:52
Alt Mix 12 Piano Pads and Strings
307248DW 03:52
Alt Mix 13 Piano Pads and Small Strings
307248EM 03:52
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