An excellent and moving song written and sung by Jem Cooke, also doing her own backing vocals which are evocative and accurate. A full symphonic pop orchestra including strings, brass, and full rhythm section underpin this adventure and take us on a very colourful and up-building journey. In addition there are eleven mixes offering instrumentals, stripped down arrangements, acoustic cut downs and some atmospheric versions. Check out number eight which is particularly good.

Original Mix
308115LM 05:29
Alt Mix 1 Instrumental Backing Track with Strings and Brass
308115LN 05:29
Alt Mix 2 Vocals Guitars Piano and Strings Orchestral Mix
308115LP 05:29
Alt Mix 3 Guitar Piano and Strings
308115LQ 05:29
Alt Mix 4 Vocals Guitars Drums and Bass
308115LR 05:29
Alt Mix 5 Guitar Drums and Bass
308115LS 05:29
Alt Mix 6 Vocals and Guitars
308115LT 05:29
Alt Mix 7 Vocals Piano and Guitars
308115LU 05:29
Alt Mix 8 Vocals Keys Drums and Bass
308115LV 05:29
Alt Mix 9 Keys Drums and Bass
308115LW 05:29
Alt Mix 10 Alternative Full Mix 2
308116AM 05:29
Alt Mix 11 Alternative Instrumental
308116AN 05:29
BPM: 91
Keys: Dm, F
Signature: 6/8
Genre: Ballad
Mood: Angry
Production: Daytime TV
Style: Blues
Colour: Blue
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