A seriously heart warming love song written and performed by Jem Cooke. Another in the series of songs written for friends, this beautiful story is interwoven with exceptional strings and a fine piano accompaniment. Evocative of a slow classical air, the keys of the verse and chorus are carefully balanced with the dreamy minor intro and bridge. Included here are ten equally brilliant mixes that offer some fine underscores, and alternative stripped back versions.

Original Mix
118845ES 04:10
Alt Mix 1 Instrumental Guitars and Strings
308115GT 04:10
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitar
308115GU 04:10
Alt Mix 3 Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
308115GV 04:10
Alt Mix 4 Vocals Strings and Acoustic Guitar
308115GW 04:10
Alt Mix 5 Vocals Strings and Piano
308115HM 04:10
Alt Mix 6 Strings and Piano
308115HN 04:10
Alt Mix 7 Vocals Guitar and Piano
308115HP 04:10
Alt Mix 8 Guitar and Piano
308115HQ 04:10
Alt Mix 9 Full Mix version 2
308115HS 04:10
Alt Mix 10 Instrumental variation
308115HT 04:10
BPM: 88
Keys: A, C
Signature: 6/8
Genre: Songs
Mood: Emotional
Production: Documentary
Colour: Autumnal
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