This is a fine country track with steady slide guitars and a perfectly smooth acoustic country band. A great bubbling underscore or featured track for any sea, island holiday or country, outdoor drive. An impressive eleven additional mixes provide many varied elements, versions, textures and moods. For example, mix number six with just guitars is so different to the main mix it should have it’s own name.

Original Mix
307247GM 02:42
Alt Mix 1 Guitars and Keyboards
307247GN 02:42
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars and Keyboards
307247GP 02:42
Alt Mix 3 Keyboards Bass and Drums
307247GQ 02:42
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards Drums and Electric Guitars
307247GR 02:42
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards Drums and Acoustic Guitars
307247GS 02:42
Alt Mix 6 Acoustic and Electric Guitars
307247GT 02:42
Alt Mix 7 Acoustic Guitars
307247GU 02:42
Alt Mix 8 Acoustic Guitars and Pads
307247GV 02:42
Alt Mix 9 Pads Electrics and Finger Pick Acoustic
307247GW 02:42
Alt Mix 10 Solo Piano
307247HM 02:42
Alt Mix 11 Acoustic Guitars Bass and Drums
307247HN 02:42
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