A somewhat generic track with weird and wacky effects and sections throughout. A predictable theme and implied Topline offers specific brand identity. There are eight alternative mixes each with different elements featured. Certainly plenty of incredible choices. Equally, you can just line them all up and create your own unique version.

Original Mix
302250BQ 03:08
Alt Mix 1 Keys and Guitars
302250BR 03:08
Alt Mix 2 Keys Guitars and Bass
302250BS 03:08
Alt Mix 3 Keys and Pads
302250BT 03:08
Alt Mix 4 Guitars Drums and Bass
302250BU 03:08
Alt Mix 5 Guitars Drums Bass and Sequencers
302250BV 03:08
Alt Mix 6 Drums Bass and Piano
302250BW 03:08
Alt Mix 7 Acoustic Guitars
302250CM 03:08
Alt Mix 8 Acoustic Guitars and Pads
302250CN 03:08
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