A really versatile underscore featuring marimbas and guitars performing a question answer motif. This theme just bubbles along with a small key change for variety, but mainly is there for the duration offering a gentle and steady groove, useful for pretty much anything; from African scenery to a happy road trip. An equally amazing ten additional mixes give more options, textures and choices.

Original Mix
307249FS 04:16
Alt Mix 1 Marimbas Pads and Acoustic Guitars
307249FT 04:16
Alt Mix 2 Marimbas and Pads
307249FU 04:16
Alt Mix 3 Marimbas Pads and Percussion
307249FV 04:16
Alt Mix 4 Pads and Percussion
307249FW 04:16
Alt Mix 5 Pads
307249GM 04:16
Alt Mix 6 Acoustic Guitars and Marimba
307249GN 04:16
Alt Mix 7 Acoustic Guitars Marimbas and Percussion
307249GP 04:16
Alt Mix 8 Acoustic Guitars and Pads
307249GQ 04:16
Alt Mix 9 Acoustic Guitars Pads and Percussion
307249GR 04:16
Alt Mix 10 Marimbas and Percussion
307249GS 04:16
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