Take your partners and jig that jig. A country dance track that features amazing and virtuoso guitars, violin, banjo and pulsating rhythm section. Guitar and violin battle it off for ‘last one to finish’ and both make it together. Nice use of deep pads and panning noises, and a powerful four on the floor to get you in the dancing mood. Additional mixes offer breakdowns and variations based on the original mix. Great energy and fun with so many positive and workable applications

Original Mix
333596HR 03:34
Alt Mix 1 Guitars Violin and Keyboards No Drums
333596HS 03:34
Alt Mix 2 Drums Guitars Violin and Banjo
333596HT 03:34
Alt Mix 3 Drums Pads and Sequencers
333596HU 03:34
Alt Mix 4 Rhythm Guitars Pads and Sequencers
333596HV 03:34
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