A steady hypnotic acoustic guitar piece that bubbles along with marimba and kalimba accompaniment. A nice, easy-going journey that would be a perfect underscore or lightly featured theme. In addition, there are six perfect alternative mixes offering different flavours and grooves.

Original Mix
307250BS 04:07
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Guitars and Pads
307250BT 04:07
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars
307250BU 04:07
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars Drums and Bass
307250BV 04:07
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards
307250BW 04:07
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards Drums and Bass
307250CM 04:07
Alt Mix 6 Sequencers Drums and Bass
307250CN 04:07
BPM: 166
Keys: Bm
Signature: 4/4
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: Kids
Mood: Playful
Production: Animation
Style: Folk
Colour: Silver
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