A loving, delicate piece featuring a clean electric guitar Topline with gentle piano noodles. Cool and sampled drum loops with short breaks and interludes featuring the acoustic guitars and distinctive keyboard pads.

Original Mix
302248HS 04:02
Alt Mix 1 No Guitar Topline
302248HT 04:02
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars Bass and Drums No Pads
302248HU 04:02
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars
302248HV 04:02
Alt Mix 4 Acoustic Guitars and Pads
302248HW 04:02
Alt Mix 5 Acoustic Electric Guitars and Pads
302248KM 04:02
Alt Mix 6 Drums Bass and pads
302248KN 04:02
Alt Mix 7 Pads and Piano
302248KP 04:02
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