A Collection that specialises in Sports themes. Action, movement, victory, winners and losers, and motivation. All the tracks are written and produced by Dave Cooke and represent a small selection of perfect featured and underscored pieces suitable for sports of all kinds. Particularly good are the additional mixes associated with each of these original tracks offering the perfect mood and colour for your sporty masterpiece.

Composers: David Cooke
Break for the Border
Original Mix
305808BU 02:13
Drop D Drops
Original Mix
302250ES 02:46
Far too Rich
Original Mix
302250KT 02:48
Frogs Porn
Original Mix
302250GP 03:21
In The Zone
Original Mix
340607HT 02:19
Marathon Warriors
Original Mix
344949AN 04:20
Organic Beets
Original Mix
302250FN 03:00
Playing by the House Rules
Original Mix
347700FV 03:25
Pointless Deliberations
Original Mix
302250LU 03:27
Retromantic Journey
Original Mix
302250DW 02:40
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