What are Collections?

We wanted to add Collections so we could offer a choice of tracks as if they were albums. “The Album is dead, long live the Album” is the ongoing conundrum. Most libraries and streaming facilities still use the Album as a trusted familiar format. But we also believe that the power is in the individual track and to that end, it’s just as important to customers build your collection this way. So we have our Collections as examples of this.

One really cool feature is that you can hit the play button in the middle of the main picture within Collections, and the tracks will play one after the other. Kinda like streaming, so you can listen and get a good feel for the tracks in that particular Collection.

We can also build you a custom Collection so please let us know.

Recently, most of the Collections have been made available for streaming on your favourite streaming platform. Simply search for TOPLINE COLLECTIONS or Dave Cooke and they will appear for your listening pleasure.

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