How do I Navigate and find tracks?

Once you land on the Home page, you will see a large display of categories.  Starting with the Topline Collections, we have selected several tracks for you based on general titles; Country, Songs, Guitars, Drama, etc etc. If you want to listen to several tracks in any of the collections, then that’s what you can do. Then you will see Moods, Styles, Genres, Instruments, Productions and Colours. Depending on your choices, requirements, moods and anything else simply click on anything you see that may be close to your specific search. Hopefully you’ll be lucky and you can then move on to licensing the track or selection of tracks. If you can’t find what you’re looking for we can help. Just let us know what you need and we can do you a special bundle or collection that matches your search. If nothing works and you cant find anything here, before you go elsewhere, give us a try at our Bespoke-Super-Personal-service and we can discuss to the last bar, crotchet and semi-quaver what it is you want. Here’s our  ‘Get in touch direct and we’ll be talking in seconds’ button.

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Getting the right sound is tough and despite the great collection that Topline offers sometimes you need something that’s a perfect fit.
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