A rather interesting piece that definitely came from writer’s block and then developed into something quite purposeful. Full of conflicting rhythms and sequences, this builds into several themes and moods throughout its journey. Underpinned by a retro funk fretless bass and half time drums, the guitar and synth melody soars high above the pads and piano to give this rather energetic line of deliberation and definition. Check out the variations found in the alternative mixes too.

Original Mix
458543LS 03:24
Alt Mix 1 No Topline Theme
458543LT 03:24
Alt Mix 2 Underscore Sequencer Groove
458543LU 03:24
Alt Mix 3 Sequencers Drums and Bass
458543LV 03:24
Alt Mix 4 Pads Piano Bass and Topline
458543LW 03:24
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