Initially a piano solo piece, the added cello and violins build into a lovely and evocative mood reminiscent of past days, school days and happy memories. It’s short but packed with emotion. Equally impressive are the ten additional mixes each offering a different quality and feel to the original. There is the solo piano, and then other mixes with just strings and pads. Back to back you’ll have enough for the full score.

Original Mix
307250DW 01:51
Alt Mix 1 Solo Piano
307250EM 01:51
Alt Mix 2 Cello and Piano
307250EN 01:51
Alt Mix 3 Violin and Piano
307250EQ 01:51
Alt Mix 4 Cello Violin and Piano
307250ER 01:51
Alt Mix 5 Atmosphere pad Cello and Violin
307250ES 01:51
Alt Mix 6 Piano and Pizzicato Strings
307250ET 01:51
Alt Mix 7 Strings and Pad
307250EU 01:51
Alt Mix 8 Strings
307250EV 01:51
Alt Mix 9 Piano and Pad
307250EW 01:51
Alt Mix 10 Pizzicato Strings Piano and Pad
307250FM 01:51
Genre: Religious
Mood: Carefree
Style: Smooth
Colour: Green
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