A lovely song written and sung by the amazing Jem Cooke. A country ballad, this evokes the lonely journey and the optimism when the call comes in. There are a phenomenal sixteen additional mixes for this song; some as instrumentals, and others with lead vocals and acoustic guitars only, and lead vocals with piano. Huge variation and many useful applications; In short; A great song and a Topline favourite.

Original Mix
308115BM 03:11
Alt Mix 1 Backing Track Instrumental
308115BN 03:11
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars
308115BP 03:11
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars and Keyboards
308115BQ 03:11
Alt Mix 4 Vocals Guitars and Keyboards
308115BR 03:11
Alt Mix 5 Vocals Guitars and Piano
308115BS 03:11
Alt Mix 6 Keyboards and Piano
308115BT 03:11
Alt Mix 7 Vocals Guitars Drums and Bass
308115BU 03:11
Alt Mix 8 Guitars Drums and Bass
308115BV 03:11
Alt Mix 9 Vocals Piano Drums and Bass
308115BW 03:11
Alt Mix 10 Piano Drums and Bass
308115CM 03:11
Alt Mix 11 Vocals and Acoustic Guitars
308115CN 03:11
Alt Mix 12 Vocals and Piano
308115CP 03:11
Alt Mix 13 Piano and Acoustic Guitars
308115CQ 03:11
Alt Mix 14 Lead Vocal and Acoustic Guitars
308115CR 03:11
Alt Mix 15 Vocals Guitars Piano Drums and Bass
308115CS 03:11
Alt Mix 16 Lead Vocal and Piano
308115CT 03:11
BPM: 68
Keys: E
Signature: 6/8
Genre: Acoustic
Mood: Relaxed
Production: Documentary
Colour: Orange
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