A marvellously unabashed wedding song written and sung by the amazing Jem Cooke. A perfect song for any wedding celebration, whether it be walking down the aisle, signing the register or a featured song during the ceremony. Tears and emotion, full on man size hankies at the ready. Additional Mixes include piano and vocals, piano solo and strings and piano for more options and flexible applications.

Original Mix
325298AN 03:05
Alt Mix 1 Piano and Strings
325298AP 03:05
Alt Mix 2 Vocals and Piano
325298AQ 03:05
Alt Mix 3 Piano Solo
325298AR 03:05
Alt Mix 4 Strings
325298AS 02:00
BPM: 82
Keys: A
Signature: 4/4
Genre: Songs
Mood: Loving
Production: Daytime TV
Style: Gospel
Colour: White
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