A fine delicate song written and vocalised by Jem Cooke, Underpinned and supported by a live band including Brass section and Flugel Horn solo, this evokes the perfect ‘Missing you’ emotion and clearly would work in many visual and audio applications. A perfectly proportioned eight additional mixes add to the selection offering more textures, instrumentals and underscores.

Original Mix
308517FT 03:40
Alt Mix 1 Instrumental Backing Track with Backing Vocals
308517FU 03:40
Alt Mix 2 Instrumental
308517FV 03:40
Alt Mix 3 Vocals and Acoustic Guitars
308517FW 03:40
Alt Mix 4 Vocals Acoustic Guitars and Piano
308517GM 03:40
Alt Mix 5 Vocals Acoustic Guitars Piano and Brass including solo
308517GN 03:40
Alt Mix 6 Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitars with solo
308517GP 03:40
Alt Mix 7 Full Mix Version 2 shorter
308517GQ 03:22
Alt Mix 8 Instrumental 2 shorter
308517GR 03:22
BPM: 90
Keys: D
Signature: 4/4
Genre: Songs
Mood: Chilled
Production: Documentary
Style: Seascape
Colour: Autumnal
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