Very easy going and relaxed, these pieces simply ooze cool and laid-backness. Featuring some really nice electric Robbie Calvo guitars, Mikey Haughton saxophone and additional pianos and acoustic guitar versions, these individual tracks could easily be edited together to make one very versatile underscore or musical feature. In fact we’ve already done it. Check out : ‘Travelling Heights’ to hear a full edited version

Original Mix
338933KT 01:46
Alt Mix 1 Saxophone Topline Feature
338933KU 01:46
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitar Topline
338933KV 01:46
Alt Mix 3 Piano Topline
338933KW 01:46
BPM: 105
Keys: Am
Signature: 4/4
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: Jazz
Mood: Positive
Production: Holiday
Style: Jazz
Colour: Blue
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