A nice easy going blues format with counter sequencers and some fine percussion by Dan Bilbrough. Then there’s the piano; sitting on top of the groove doing some jazz and retro stuff, all coming together for a sharp and defined ending. Nine additional mixes provide various elements and options, some without the Topline piano, some just the sequencers which would be the perfect underscore. Other mixes include piano, percussion and bass, and mix Number 2, we decided to throw it a special identity of ‘Escape Plan’ as it deserves to be recognised as a great percussion groove.

Original Mix
308114LW 02:32
Alt Mix 1 Mix No Piano
308115AM 02:32
Alt Mix 2 Percussion and Drums
308115AN 02:32
Alt Mix 3 Percussion Bass and Piano
308115AP 02:32
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards Sequencers
308115AQ 02:32
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards Bass and Piano
308115AR 02:32
Alt Mix 6 Percussion and Bass
308115AS 02:32
Alt Mix 7 Piano and Keyboards
308115AT 02:32
Alt Mix 8 Percussion and Keyboards
308115AU 02:32
Alt Mix 9 Bass and Keyboards
308115AV 02:32
Genre: Urban
Mood: News
Production: Sports
Colour: White
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