A solid and confident House track with samples vocal effects and strong lead Vocal by Jem Cooke, who also scribbled the lyrics. Six additional mixes offer an array of grooves and specific underscores that are all very different in sound and character to the original. So worth having a listen to all of them.

Original Mix
307247KW 03:35
Alt Mix 1 Backing track with Backing Vocals
307247LM 03:35
Alt Mix 2 Band Mix with Vocal effects
307247LN 03:35
Alt Mix 3 Groove Mix
307247LP 03:35
Alt Mix 4 Pads and Vocal effects
307247LQ 03:35
Alt Mix 5 Pads and Full Vocals
307247LR 03:35
Alt Mix 6 Bass Drums and Guitars
307247LS 03:35
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