A Military Orchestral piece that suggests something less than victorious. More the futility and loss of war and fighting. There are fifteen additional mixes based around this theme some of which are specific short stings, and other versions offering reduced and more transparent variations. Strong, moody and atmospheric, these pieces have so much to offer both as featured tracks and underscores.

Original Mix
318211EM 01:52
Alt Mix 1 Brass Woodwind Choir and Harp
318211EN 01:52
Alt Mix 2 Strings Choir and Woodwind
318211EP 01:52
Alt Mix 3 Strings Choir Woodwind and Percussion
318211EQ 01:52
Alt Mix 4 Brass and Percussion
318211ER 01:52
Alt Mix 5 Brass Percussion and Strings
318211ES 01:52
Alt Mix 6 Percussion
318211ET 01:52
Alt Mix 7 Percussion Strings Trumpet and Choir
318211EU 01:52
Alt Mix 8 Short Cutdown 1
318211EV 00:15
Alt Mix 9 Short Cutdown 2
318211EW 00:25
Alt Mix 10 Short Cutdown 3
318211FM 00:15
Alt Mix 11 Short Cutdown 4
318211FN 00:29
Alt Mix 12 Short Cutdown 5
318211FP 00:19
Alt Mix 13 Short Cutdown 6
318211FQ 00:25
Alt Mix 14 Short Cutdown 7
318211FR 00:15
Alt Mix 15 Short Cutdown 8
318211FS 00:20
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