A pretty and delicate theme that features piano and acoustic guitars working through various motifs and key changes with steady pads and unobtrusive drum patterns. Nice, easy and relaxing with potential to feature as a theme as well as discretely work under voice or as an underscore. Perfect variations in the additional mixes to compliment the original version including pads and guitars.

Original Mix
347700ES 02:39
Alt Mix 1 Piano Pads and Guitars
347700ET 02:39
Alt Mix 2 Piano and Keyboards
347700EU 02:39
Alt Mix 3 Piano Bass and Guitars
347700EV 02:39
Alt Mix 4 Piano Bass Drums and Guitars
347700EW 02:39
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards and Guitars
347700FM 02:39
Alt Mix 6 Keyboards Drums Bass and Guitars
347700FN 02:39
Alt Mix 7 Keyboards
347700FP 02:39
Alt Mix 8 Keyboards Drums and Bass
347700FQ 02:39
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