A lovely gentle underscore with acoustic guitars and piano leading the way and introducing some ethnic percussion halfway through. Some nice piano fills here and there and a very easy going and relaxing track allows for space and peace to journey through to the end. A magnificent and generous seventeen additional mixes are also included that provide further textures and moods. Just acoustic guitars, or simple pads and keyboards without percussion are on offer, as well as pretty much any other variation. If you happen to want something that isn’t here, then please get in touch.

Original Mix
308114GU 03:00
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Guitars
308114GV 03:00
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars and Piano
308114GW 03:00
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars and Keyboard Pads
308114HM 03:00
Alt Mix 4 Piano and Keyboard Pads
308114HN 03:00
Alt Mix 5 Acoustic Piano
308114HP 03:00
Alt Mix 6 Acoustic Guitars Bass and Keyboard Pads
308114HQ 03:00
Alt Mix 7 Piano Bass and Keyboard Pads
308114HR 03:00
Alt Mix 8 Keyboard Pads
308114HS 03:00
Alt Mix 9 Acoustic Guitars Bass and Percussion
308114HT 03:00
Alt Mix 10 Keyboard Pads Percussion and Bass
308114HU 03:00
Alt Mix 11 Piano Pads Bass and Percussion
308114HV 03:00
Alt Mix 12 Percussion
308114HW 03:00
Alt Mix 13 Piano Bass and Percussion
308114KM 03:00
Alt Mix 14 Acoustic Guitars Piano Bass and Percussion
308114KN 03:00
Alt Mix 15 Acoustic Guitars Piano and Bass
308114KP 03:00
Alt Mix 16 Keyboard Pads and Bass
308114KQ 03:00
Alt Mix 17 Acoustic Guitars and Bass
308114KR 03:00
BPM: 90
Keys: F#m
Signature: 4/4
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: Cinematic
Mood: Flying
Production: Fishing
Style: Seascape
Colour: Autumnal
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