An energetic and atmospheric track penned by the irrepressible Matty Hay. Featuring some wild mandolin, violins, guitars and delicious male vocal chorus, this piece weaves through a journey of exciting eastern charm and character. A perfect backdrop to a desert travelling theme or beduin adventure as well as an effective underscore for a holiday or outdoor scenery montage. The additional mixes also compliment the original, offering various elements, real instruments and percussive breakdowns in their more natural environment. Versatility and excellence personified!

Original Mix
389331HV 03:34
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Instruments No Percussion
389331HW 03:34
Alt Mix 2 Percussion Effects Electric Guitar and Bass
389331KM 03:34
Alt Mix 3 Guitar Violin Mandolin with Percussion
389331KN 03:34
Alt Mix 4 Guitar Mandolin and Vocals
389331KP 03:34
Alt Mix 5 Dance Mix
389331KQ 03:34
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