A lovely and relaxing piece with violins, violas and flute, with very cool clean and bright acoustic guitars throughout. Variations on a specific theme with a strong melody, this takes you on a journey, in slow motion, to nowhere in particular, but you’ll be glad you went. A whopping twenty-three additional mixes provide further ideas, moods, and choices that are all very different to the original mix. Check them all out if you can, and if there’s still something missing, let us know and we can sort it. Or indeed, we can custom build to your exact specific brief.

Original Mix
307249KW 03:55
Alt Mix 1 Piano and Acoustic Guitars
307249LM 03:55
Alt Mix 2 Keyboard Pads Piano and Acoustic Guitars
307249LN 03:55
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars
307249LP 03:55
Alt Mix 4 Keyboards and Acoustic Guitars
307249LQ 03:55
Alt Mix 5 Strings Piano and Acoustic Guitars
307249LR 03:55
Alt Mix 6 Strings Keyboard pads Piano and Acoustic Guitars
307249LS 03:55
Alt Mix 7 Strings Flute Keys and Acoustic Guitars
307249LT 03:55
Alt Mix 8 Acoustic Guitars Keys Drums and Bass
307249LU 03:55
Alt Mix 9 Strings Guitars Keys Drums and Bass
307249LV 03:55
Alt Mix 10 Flute Guitars Keys Drums and Bass
307250AM 03:55
Alt Mix 11 Keyboard Pads and Piano
307250AN 03:55
Alt Mix 12 Keyboard Pads Strings and Piano
307250AP 03:55
Alt Mix 13 Keyboard Pads Strings Flute and Piano
307250AQ 03:55
Alt Mix 14 Keyboard Pads and Strings
307250AR 03:55
Alt Mix 15 Keyboard Pads Flute and Strings
307250AS 03:55
Alt Mix 16 Keyboard Pads
307250AT 03:55
Alt Mix 17 Acoustic Guitars Drums and Bass
307250AU 03:55
Alt Mix 18 Strings Acoustic Guitars Drums and Bass
307250AV 03:55
Alt Mix 19 Strings Flute Guitars Drums and Bass
307250AW 03:55
Alt Mix 20 Pads Piano Drums and Bass
307250BM 03:55
Alt Mix 21 Pads Drums and Bass
307250BN 03:55
Alt Mix 22 Pads Strings Piano Drums and Bass
307250BP 03:55
Alt Mix 23 Pads Strings Flute Piano Drums and Bass
307250BQ 03:55
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