Initially written with an idea of hitting the guitar strings with a flat hand rather than strumming, this piece evolves around a groove to include marimba, kalimba and African sounding instruments and a contemporary rhythm section, with strings underpinning. Equally exciting are the five additional mixes ready to use to create a unique blend specific for your production.

Original Mix
305808DN 03:56
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Guitars
305808DP 03:56
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars Pads and Strings
305808DQ 03:56
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars Sequencer and Percussion
305808DR 03:56
Alt Mix 4 Pads Percussion and Strings
305808DS 03:56
Alt Mix 5 Pads and Strings
305808DT 03:56
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