A traditional detuned piano chase as used in silent movies. Speeded up and full of comedy drama this is the perfect underscore for any period piece or film of the silent era. Additional mixes include shorter stings, stabs and melodrama links which are all incredibly versatile, useful and perfectly distorted with added tape noise.

Original Mix
480716LT 01:03
Alt Mix 1 Sinister
480716LU 00:04
Alt Mix 2 Melodrama
480716LV 00:04
Alt Mix 3 Steps
480716LW 00:03
Alt Mix 4 Ham
480717AM 00:06
Alt Mix 5 Chaser
480717AN 00:08
Alt Mix 6 Wa Wa
480717AP 00:06
Alt Mix 7 Ending
480717AQ 00:03
Alt Mix 8 Tuneless
480717AR 00:04
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