From the basic drum groove to acoustic guitars playing tempo, this piece develops simply, adding riffs, guitars and pads every four bars and building until the light and delicate tune. Each layer carefully placed and ending with a reduction and the final drum loop. Also available are several alternative versions featuring guitars, keyboards and pads in a variety of different mixes. A feel good and versatile bundle of tracks.

Original Mix
321056KM 02:12
Alt Mix 1 Full mix without Topline melody
321056KN 02:12
Alt Mix 2 Guitars and Keyboards
321056KP 02:05
Alt Mix 3 Guitars and Keyboards with Topline
321056KQ 02:05
Alt Mix 4 Acoustic Guitars with Topline
321056KR 02:05
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards with Topline
321056KS 02:00
Alt Mix 6 Keyboards
321056KT 02:00
Alt Mix 7 Guitars
321056KU 02:15
Alt Mix 8 Drums Bass and Keyboards
321056KV 02:12
Alt Mix 9 Drums Bass and Guitars
321056KW 02:12
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