Quirky acoustic guitars underpin clean electric riffs developing into Thematic chorus. Repetitive and evocative; a fun groove. Check out the Alternative Mixes for some great Atmospheric versions. This version is slightly louder and more intense than version one of the same. Really useful are the loops and repeat phrases available, especially those mixes without drums. Easy mix and match between the two versions and alternative mixes.

Original Mix
302248CP 03:26
Alt Mix 1 Track mix no Topline guitar
302248CQ 03:26
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Mix no Electric Guitars
302248CR 03:26
Alt Mix 3 Electric and Acoustic Guitars
302248CS 03:26
Alt Mix 4 Keys and Guitars No Drums
302248CT 03:26
Alt Mix 5 Drums and Percussion
302248CU 03:26
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