A varied and eclectic selection of themes based around the Medieval style. With brass, strings and solo instruments including recorders, violin, harpsichord and guitar this cue along with the additional mixes provide a colourful and exciting underscore for any costume drama of that period as well as perfect actuality or indeed featured themes. Worth referencing here ‘A Medieval Interlude’ (GB5RG1800388) which is based on this main version with additional overture and dramatic variations.

Original Mix
480717DU 01:58
Alt Mix 1 Fast To Mellow
480717DV 00:24
Alt Mix 2 Delicate
480717DW 00:30
Alt Mix 3 Wistful
480717EM 00:50
Alt Mix 4 Sinister Church
480717EN 01:00
Alt Mix 5 Tense
480717EP 00:29
Alt Mix 6 Fanfare
480717EQ 00:13
Alt Mix 7 Reveal
480717ER 00:18
Alt Mix 8 Mystery
480717ES 00:52
Alt Mix 9 Sadness
480717ET 00:32
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