A predominantly string led track with some great textures, pads and Toplines. From aggressive to melancholy, this piece has some surprising twists and turns, whilst retaining an evocative and familiar pattern. Equally exciting are the twelve additional mixes offering serious amounts of new ideas, pads, underscores and very different grooves to the original mix. You can also line them all up and make your own unique version.

Original Mix
307249CU 04:25
Alt Mix 1 Band Mix with Mandolins
307249CV 04:25
Alt Mix 2 Keyboard Pads and Piano
307249CW 04:25
Alt Mix 3 Long Strings and Keyboards
307249DM 04:25
Alt Mix 4 Long Strings Keys and Percussion
307249DN 04:25
Alt Mix 5 Short Strings Mandolins and Keys
307249DP 04:25
Alt Mix 6 Short Strings Keys and Percussion
307249DQ 04:25
Alt Mix 7 Strings Long and Short
307249DR 04:25
Alt Mix 8 Strings and Mandolins
307249DS 04:25
Alt Mix 9 Strings Mandolins and Percussion
307249DT 04:25
Alt Mix 10 Strings Piano and Percussion
307249DU 04:25
Alt Mix 11 Band Mix 2
307249DV 04:25
Alt Mix 12 Pads
307249DW 04:25
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