An evocative pop sequence that simply does what its supposed to do. Full of effects, drum loops, sequencers and pop sounds, it feels like a retro throw back, or a perfect filler and underscore for now. From shopping to quiz shows, this piece would work on pretty much everything and especially good under voice over. Certainly worth a try. With seven additional mixes also available plus a cut down jingle, this little bundle offers a huge amount.

Original Mix
308895EQ 03:02
Alt Mix 1 Drums and Sequencers
308895ER 03:02
Alt Mix 2 Sequencers and Keys
308895ES 03:02
Alt Mix 3 Pads and Piano
308895ET 03:02
Alt Mix 4 Pads Drums and Percussion
308895EU 03:02
Alt Mix 5 Drums Bass Guitars and Keyboards
308895EV 03:02
Alt Mix 6 Drums Percussion Guitars and Groove Synth
308895EW 03:02
Alt Mix 7 Cut Down version 1
308895FP 00:30
BPM: 130
Keys: C, Eb
Signature: 4/4
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: Brit Pop
Mood: Robotic
Production: Technology
Colour: Sky Blue
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