A nice relaxed guitar theme with strong Topline, and ethnic percussion and pads, reminiscent of island living and seascape scenery. A band playing on the beach maybe. There are eleven marvellous additional mixes providing textures, pads, and further exciting colours.

Original Mix
308896GV 02:00
Alt Mix 1 Groove Mix No Topline Guitar
308896GW 02:00
Alt Mix 2 Percussion and Guitars
308896HM 02:00
Alt Mix 3 Percussion Guitars and Backing Vocals
308896HN 02:00
Alt Mix 4 Percussion and Backing Vocals
308896HP 02:00
Alt Mix 5 Percussion Marimbas and Backing Vocals
308896HQ 02:00
Alt Mix 6 Percussion and Tuned Instruments
308896HR 02:00
Alt Mix 7 Marimbas Vocals and Guitars
308896HS 02:00
Alt Mix 8 Guitars and Vocals
308896HT 02:00
Alt Mix 9 Percussion
308896HU 02:00
Alt Mix 10 Guitars and Tuned Instruments
308896HV 02:00
Alt Mix 11 Guitars Tuned Instruments and Topline Guitar
308896HW 02:00
BPM: 125
Keys: Bb
Signature: 4/4
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: African
Mood: Grooving
Production: Foreign Film
Style: Dance
Colour: Bright Green
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