A strong thematic piece with full on Topline melody and purposeful percussion throughout. Effective and accurate handclaps give this an authentic and real feel, as does the fully played percussion section and acoustic guitars. Excellent for a specific theme, travel show or holiday underscore. Check out the seventeen whopping additional mixes here too. All offering a different feel and texture to the original; some with simply acoustic guitars and percussion, others with percussion and pads. We’ve added a second named identity to mix number 13 which is called ‘Eastern Promise’ containing just the percussion.

Original Mix
308114DP 02:30
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Guitars
308114DQ 02:30
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars and Tuned Instruments Flutes and Saz
308114DR 02:30
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars and Percussion
308114DS 02:30
Alt Mix 4 Acoustic Guitars Bass and Percussion
308114DT 02:30
Alt Mix 5 Acoustic Guitars Keys and Tuned Instruments
308114DU 02:30
Alt Mix 6 Acoustic Guitars and Keyboards sequencers
308114DV 02:30
Alt Mix 7 Guitars Keys Bass and Percussion
308114DW 02:30
Alt Mix 8 Tuned Instruments Keys and Percussion
308114EM 02:30
Alt Mix 9 Tuned Instruments Keys Bass and Percussion
308114EN 02:30
Alt Mix 10 Tuned Instruments and Percussion
308114EP 02:30
Alt Mix 11 Tuned Instruments Guitars and Percussion
308114EQ 02:30
Alt Mix 12 Percussion and Keys
308114ER 02:30
Alt Mix 13 Percussion
308114ES 02:30
Alt Mix 14 Tuned Instruments and Keyboards
308360LP 02:30
Alt Mix 15 Tuned Instruments
308360LQ 02:30
Alt Mix 16 Keyboards
308360LR 02:30
Alt Mix 17 Percussion Bass and Keys
308360LS 02:30
Genre: African
Mood: Uplifting
Production: Sports
Style: Dance
Colour: Red
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