A fusion between traditional and urban modern produces this track, wonderfully interpreted by violin maestro, Graham Henry Preskett. It presents a variety of sections, from the solo violin to the full strings, with sensitive accompaniment of piano, pizzicato strings and drums. A moody and evocative journey, further enhanced by the sixteen additional mixes, all offering different textures and moods, with lovely alternative choices of instrumentation.

Original Mix
307248LN 02:42
Alt Mix 1 Smooth Mix
307248LP 02:42
Alt Mix 2 Piano Pads and Strings
307248LQ 02:42
Alt Mix 3 Piano Pads and Percussion
307248LR 02:42
Alt Mix 4 Piano and Strings
307248LS 02:42
Alt Mix 5 Piano Strings and Soft Pad
307248LT 02:42
Alt Mix 6 Strings and Topline
307248LU 02:42
Alt Mix 7 Strings
307248LV 02:42
Alt Mix 8 Strings with Topline Pads and Percussion
307248LW 02:42
Alt Mix 9 Strings Pads and Percussion
307249AM 02:42
Alt Mix 10 Solo Violins Pads and Piano
307249AN 02:42
Alt Mix 11 Solo Violins Pads Piano and Percussion
307249AP 02:42
Alt Mix 12 Piano and Solo Violins
307249AQ 02:42
Alt Mix 13 Solo Piano
307249AR 02:42
Alt Mix 14 Pads and Percussion
307249AS 02:42
Alt Mix 15 Pads
307249AT 02:42
Alt Mix 16 Pads and Strings
307249AV 02:42
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