A fully formed military march complete with horns, woodwind and marching drums. Eleven positive and fully-formed alternative mixes are also included all of which are either cut downs or short stings. So much choice and not a war in sight!

Original Mix
318211BS 01:44
Alt Mix 1 Flute and Pipe Melody
318211BT 01:44
Alt Mix 2 Brass and Woodwind
318211BU 01:31
Alt Mix 3 Drums and Brass
318211BV 01:47
Alt Mix 4 Drums and Woodwind
318211BW 01:47
Alt Mix 5 Drums
318211CM 01:47
Alt Mix 6 Short Sting 1 Percussion
318211CN 00:10
Alt Mix 7 Short Sting 2 Brass
318211CP 00:10
Alt Mix 8 Short Sting 3 Woodwind
318211CQ 00:10
Alt Mix 9 Short Sting 4 Full Band
318211CR 00:15
Alt Mix 10 Short Sting 5
318211CS 00:15
Alt Mix 11 Short Sting 6
318211CT 00:15
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