An infectious and tempo driven piece that runs through patterns of ten, or five, depending on how you count it, adding lines, pads, drums and bass through the journey. It has an ethnic flavour but with strange and somewhat conflicting drum patterns giving it a slightly uneasy and edgy feel. The additional mixes include pads, sequencers, rhythm elements and simple underscore.

Original Mix
363173DU 03:32
Alt Mix 1 Keyboards Bass and Sequencers
363173DV 03:32
Alt Mix 2 Pads and Underscore
363173DW 03:21
Alt Mix 3 Bass Sequencer and Percussion
363173EM 02:08
Alt Mix 4 Percussion and Bass
363173EN 01:01
Alt Mix 5 Simple Riffs Round and Round
363173EP 03:32
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