A detuned acoustic guitar leads the way into a moody, dry, and cool atmospheric track with random guitar fills throughout. Ten additional Mixes compliment the piece with further texture and choice.

Original Mix
306479AM 03:22
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Guitar Groove Mix No Topline Guitar
306479AN 03:22
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars
306479AP 03:22
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars Groove
306479AQ 03:22
Alt Mix 4 Acoustic Guitars Bass and Drums
306479AR 03:22
Alt Mix 5 Acoustic Guitars Bass and Drums Groove
306479AS 03:22
Alt Mix 6 Keys Bass and Drums
306479AT 03:22
Alt Mix 7 Key Pads
306479AU 03:22
Alt Mix 8 Keys Pads and Acoustic Guitars
306479AV 03:22
Alt Mix 9 Keys Pads and Acoustic Guitars Groove
306479AW 03:22
Alt Mix 10 Percussion and Acoustic Attitude Mix
306479BM 03:22
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