A moody and sensitive minor blues progression with strings and acoustic guitars. Some great textures here with others offered up in the sixteen generous additional mixes. Check out versions with just the guitars and keyboards. Also a fabulous full mix featured at number thirteen, with an amazing violin solo. So much here, you’re spoilt for choice!

Original Mix
307249BM 04:38
Alt Mix 1 Strings Keyboards and Acoustic Guitars
307249BN 04:38
Alt Mix 2 Strings and Keyboards
307249BP 04:38
Alt Mix 3 Keyboards and Percussion
307249BQ 04:38
Alt Mix 4 Guitars Keyboards and Percussion
307249BR 04:38
Alt Mix 5 Guitars and Keyboards
307249BS 04:38
Alt Mix 6 Keyboard and Pads
307249BT 04:38
Alt Mix 7 Acoustic Guitars
307249BU 04:38
Alt Mix 8 Acoustic Guitars and Strings
307249BV 04:38
Alt Mix 9 Strings
307249BW 04:38
Alt Mix 10 Guitars Bass and Drums
307249CM 04:38
Alt Mix 11 Guitars Bass Drums with Pattern Strings
307249CN 04:38
Alt Mix 12 Guitars Bass Drums with Long Strings
307249CP 04:38
Alt Mix 13 Full Mix with Violin Solo
307249CQ 04:38
Alt Mix 14 Strings Guitars Bass with Solo
307249CR 04:38
Alt Mix 15 Strings Guitars Bass Drums and Violin Solo
307249CS 04:38
Alt Mix 16 Strings with Solo Keyboards and Bass
307249CT 04:38
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