A full on jazz vamp written and sung by Jem Cooke who also sang all the backing vocals. Real brass and rhythm section offer an authentic big band flavour, complimented by eleven additional mixes. Each of the mixes have different textures and cut down options, from the simple rhythm section and vocals, to a version with just guitars and Ukulele,

Original Mix
308116BP 03:05
Alt Mix 1 Full Mix without End Vocal Tag
308116BQ 03:05
Alt Mix 2 Instrumental mix
308116BR 03:05
Alt Mix 3 Backing Vocals and Band
308116BS 03:05
Alt Mix 4 Vocals and Band No Brass
308116BT 03:05
Alt Mix 5 Lead Vocal and Band
308116BU 03:05
Alt Mix 6 Guitar Piano Drums and Bass
308116BV 03:05
Alt Mix 7 Brass Drums and Bass
308116BW 03:05
Alt Mix 8 Vocals Guitars and Ukulele
308116CM 03:05
Alt Mix 9 Guitars and Ukulele
308116CN 03:05
Alt Mix 10 Full Mix version 2
308116CP 03:05
Alt Mix 11 Alternative Instrumental
308116CQ 03:05
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