A sultry backing track style track with acoustic guitars, bass and piano underpinning some moody blues mouth organ, random pads and blues organ. Starting with an open texture this track moves through to a strong chorus riff moving back and forth between the two. The additional mixes offer more colour and moods that create the perfect underscore and throw into the pot vast amounts of flexibility and colour.

Original Mix
492687DU 04:14
Alt Mix 1 Smooth No Drums
492687DV 04:14
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitars With Mouthorgan
492687DW 04:14
Alt Mix 3 Piano Bass And Keyboards
492687EM 04:14
Alt Mix 4 Drums Bass And Keyboards with Mouthorgan
492687EN 04:14
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards and Acoustic Guitars
492687EP 04:14
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