A spooky cartoon track with silent movie detuned piano and clanging effects. A fine pastiche or animation ‘stranger things’ underscore. Whichever way it’ll have you quaking even with the high rain and tape noise effects. Additional mixes include short stings and melodramatic stabs.

Original Mix
480717AS 01:46
Alt Mix 1 Uncertain End
480717AT 00:02
Alt Mix 2 Descent
480717AU 00:06
Alt Mix 3 Comedy Resolve
480717AV 00:07
Alt Mix 4 Mystery End
480717AW 00:05
Alt Mix 5 Diminished
480717BM 00:05
Alt Mix 6 Long Chord
480717BN 00:03
Alt Mix 7 Discord
480717BP 00:06
Alt Mix 8 Chaos
480717BQ 00:08
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