A great country groove based originally on that well loved song Amazing Grace. In the original mix, the piano throws it in as a tribute. Nice fiddle, mandolin and guitars vamp through the chords, underpinned by steady bass piano and drums. Equally nice middle section playing the bass lines. There are some excellent additional mixes here with variations and different vamps with and without the topline instruments

Original Mix
344951AM 03:14
Alt Mix 1 Without Topline Piano
344951AN 03:14
Alt Mix 2 No Violin
344951AP 03:14
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars only
344951AQ 03:14
Alt Mix 4 Acoustic Guitars Drums Bass and Violin
344951AR 03:14
Alt Mix 5 Piano Drums and Bass with Violin
344951AS 03:14
Alt Mix 6 Piano Drums and Bass No Violin
344951AT 03:14
Alt Mix 7 Acoustic Guitars Drums Bass No Violin
344951AU 03:14
Alt Mix 8 Acoustics and Violin
344951AV 03:14
Alt Mix 9 Acoustics Piano and Violin
344951AW 03:14
Alt Mix 10 Acoustics Piano no Violin
344951BM 03:14
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