A song with a message; it’s all in the title. Lovely vocals and lyrics by Jem Cooke about the control, negligence and abuse of the Gatekeepers, in any business. Underpinned by sensitive nylon guitar and piano. Atmospheric pads and drums appear in the chorus with evocative and gorgeous backing vocals surrounding the lead voice. In addition there are nine alternative mixes each offering a different view of the song; Instrumentals and lovely cut down versions with just vocals and guitars, each one worth a listen, and each one a useful addition.

Original Mix
118845FN 03:13
Alt Mix 1 Instrumental Backing Track
309332GW 03:13
Alt Mix 2 Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
309332HM 03:13
Alt Mix 3 Piano Guitar and Pads
309332HN 03:13
Alt Mix 4 Piano Pads Drums and Bass
309332HP 03:13
Alt Mix 5 Vocals Piano and Pads
309332HQ 03:13
Alt Mix 6 Vocals Keys Bass and Drums
309332HR 03:13
Alt Mix 7 Vocals Guitar and Keyboards
309332HS 03:13
Alt Mix 8 Lead vocal and Guitar
309332HT 03:13
Alt Mix 9 Piano and Pads
309332HU 03:13
BPM: 95
Keys: G
Signature: 4/4
Genre: Ballad
Mood: Hopeful
Production: Drama
Style: Smooth
Colour: Black
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