A relaxed and laid back track that evokes a take-it-easy and nothing to worry about vibe. A small and gentle melody motif assists the acoustic guitars with strings and percussion weaving between the verses and choruses. The additional versions are also worth mentioning as we have mixes without the Topline just acoustic guitars and simple relaxing underscore strings and keyboards.

Original Mix
324030GT 03:39
Alt Mix 1 Full mix no Topline
324030GU 03:39
Alt Mix 2 Keyboards Strings and Guitars
324030GV 03:39
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars
324030GW 03:39
Alt Mix 4 Acoustic Guitars Drums and Bass
324030HM 03:39
Alt Mix 5 Keyboards Drums and Bass
324030HN 03:39
Alt Mix 6 Keyboards and Strings
324030HP 03:39
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