Influenced by an American blues and down-tuned guitars, this piece reflects the atmosphere of the Deep South and a mood of possible post-disaster but potential optimism and hope. Ten additional mixes offer a variety of colours, and Instrument combinations ranging from the solo guitars, stripped down rhythm section, and the simple underscore with pads and organ.

Original Mix
306479CQ 03:29
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Guitars with Topline solo
306479CR 03:29
Alt Mix 2 Two Acoustic Guitars Vamp
306479CS 03:29
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars and Keyboard and Topline
306479CT 03:29
Alt Mix 4 Two Acoustic Guitars and Keyboards
306479CU 03:29
Alt Mix 5 Solo Acoustic Keyboards and Drums
306479CV 03:29
Alt Mix 6 Solo Acoustic Pads and Keyboards
306479CW 03:29
Alt Mix 7 Acoustic Guitars and Keyboard Vamp
306479DM 03:29
Alt Mix 8 Pads Organ and Keys
306479DN 03:29
Alt Mix 9 Acoustic Guitars Drums and Bass with Topline
306479DP 03:29
Alt Mix 10 Acoustic Guitars Drums and Bass
306479DQ 03:29
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