Something fun and recognisable in the jazz fusion style, this piece bubbled through the changes with an evocative, playful melody and fun, bouncy groove. Created to be the perfect underscore or radio actuality the additional mixes provide further colours and textures based on the original mix.

Original Mix
452348BR 03:10
Alt Mix 1 Piano Pads and Keyboards
452348BS 03:10
Alt Mix 2 Synths and Pads Underscore
452348BT 03:10
Alt Mix 3 Piano Bass and Drums
452348BV 03:10
Alt Mix 4 Sequencers Bass and Drums
452348BW 03:10
Alt Mix 5 Sequencers Bass Drums with Topline
452348CM 03:10
BPM: 96
Keys: Am
Signature: 4/4
Composers: David Cooke
Genre: Jazz
Mood: Bright
Production: Radio
Style: Cityscape
Colour: Orange
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