A lovely and steady underscore piece with sensitively placed sequences and ethnic percussion, played for real by the virtuoso Dan Bilbrough. A perfect atmospheric track that would support so many productions. There are also 6 additional mixes, two of which, numbers 2 and 5, have their own named identity;’ Dawn Awakening and Dawn Awakening 2’. Both of these are percussion mixes with ethnic and modern content.

Original Mix
308114LP 02:35
Alt Mix 1 Key Pads
308114LQ 02:35
Alt Mix 2 Ethnic Percussion
308114LR 02:35
Alt Mix 3 Mix with Core Percussion 2
308114LS 02:35
Alt Mix 4 Mix with Ethnic and Core Percussion
308114LT 02:35
Alt Mix 5 All Percussion mix
308114LU 02:35
Alt Mix 6 Diluted Mix
308360LU 02:35
Genre: Ballad
Mood: Dangerous
Production: Holiday
Style: Dramatic
Colour: Gold
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