A fun, reggae meets R&B groove written and sung by the exceptional Jem Cooke. Featuring some fine playing with guitars, drums, bass and full on brass section with added trombone fills. Eight additional mixes provide further choices including some great underscore instrumentals and various cut back versions.

Original Mix
308115KM 04:19
Alt Mix 1 Instrumental Backing Track with Brass
308115KN 04:19
Alt Mix 2 Vocals Guitars and Keyboards
308115KP 04:19
Alt Mix 3 Guitars and Keyboards
308115KQ 04:19
Alt Mix 4 Vocals Guitars Brass Drums and Bass
308115KR 04:19
Alt Mix 5 Guitars Brass Drums and Bass
308115KS 04:19
Alt Mix 6 Vocals Keyboards and Half Bass Smooth and Spooky
308115KT 04:19
Alt Mix 7 Full Mix version 2
308115KU 04:19
Alt Mix 8 Instrumental variation
308115KV 04:19
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