A sensitive and affectionate piece featuring an evocative viola solo underpinned by piano and acoustic guitars. The first half is purely orchestral and acoustic, and the second half is with a nice easy-going drum and percussion section. Check out the staggering array of additional mixes, all twenty-one, that offer so much range and choice. From the very simple piano and viola, to strings and acoustic guitars, this is one of Topline’s favourites.

Original Mix
307249GT 03:30
Alt Mix 1 Acoustic Guitars and Piano
307249GU 03:30
Alt Mix 2 Solo Viola Acoustic Guitars and Piano
307249GV 03:30
Alt Mix 3 Acoustic Guitars
307249GW 03:30
Alt Mix 4 Viola and Piano
307249HM 03:30
Alt Mix 5 Viola and Guitars
307249HN 03:30
Alt Mix 6 Solo Piano
307249HP 03:30
Alt Mix 7 Guitars Piano Pads and Solo Viola
307249HQ 03:30
Alt Mix 8 Strings Guitars Piano and Solo Viola
307249HR 03:30
Alt Mix 9 Strings Guitars and Pads
307249HS 03:30
Alt Mix 10 Strings Piano and Pads
307249HT 03:30
Alt Mix 11 Strings Viola Piano and Pads
307249HU 03:30
Alt Mix 12 Strings Viola Piano Pads and Percussion
307249HV 03:30
Alt Mix 13 Strings Piano Pads and Percussion
307249HW 03:30
Alt Mix 14 Guitars Strings Piano Pads and Percussion
307249KM 03:30
Alt Mix 15 Solo Viola Strings Pads and Percussion
307249KN 03:30
Alt Mix 16 Strings Pads and Percussion
307249KP 03:30
Alt Mix 17 Solo Viola Strings and Pads
307249KQ 03:30
Alt Mix 18 Strings and Pads
307249KR 03:30
Alt Mix 19 Guitars Viola Pads and Percussion
307249KS 03:30
Alt Mix 20 Guitars Pads and Percussion
307249KT 03:30
Alt Mix 21 Guitars Viola and Pads
307249KU 03:30
Genre: Waltz
Mood: Emotional
Production: Advertising
Style: Seascape
Colour: Sky Blue
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